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Types of Handmade Soap

Hot Process Soap

 These are soaps that are created using a “hot process method“ which accelerates the reactive processes of saponification. This creates a more simplistic look and is not as refined.  Prior to and during the saponification of the oils, temperatures exceed 200° 

Cold Process Soap

This method generally allows for longer set times. This enables more artistic variations. It creates a very smooth finished type of bar. Prior to and during the saponification process the oils remain below 120°

Melt and Pour Soap

Melt and Pour Soap is a pre-made block style soap that can be purchased to allow the crafter to simply “melt and pour” the liquid soap into a mold to harden into the desired shape. This type of soap does allow for additives such as fragrance, color and compounds like silk peptides. It does not require any additional cure time thus allowing for soap creations when an idea hits the crafter that must be done quickly! This is soaping in the easiest form. 


Please be sure to visit us throughout the year at these shows!

Learn more

Girl Scout Troop 290 Ft Branch Spring Bazaar

Visit us on March 7, 2020 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Old Fort Branch Gym, Corner of East Walnut St. & South Elm St.

Learn more

North High School French Club Craft Show


Join us on April 25, 2020 from 9 am to 3 pm in the Commons Hallway. North High School, 15331 Highway 41 N, Evansville IN

Vine Street Makers Market

Don't miss this great show on May 2, 2020. We will be in the Shelter House from 9 am to 3 pm at 104 North Main, Ft. Branch

Confirmations are tentative, please check back! If you have an event for us, please contact me!

Additional Forthcoming Events

April - One Main Employees

May - Henderson Market on Main

June 6 - Darmstadt Days

June - River City Pride

July - Another Chance for Animals


September - Lambrecht Farms

September - Harmonie State Park

October -- Vine St. Makers Market

October - Boonville Square Flair

November - Old Courthouse

November - One Main Employees

November - Central High School

November - Mater Dei High School

December - Santa Claus IN


These products are designed to support general well-being without making medical claims.  All of our soap is made with the highest quality ingredients. Blue Sail soaps are made with saponified oils and fragrances with occasional additives such as coconut cream, silk peptides, buttermilk, activated charcoal, clays  and goats milk. They are gentle and non-irritating to most skin types. 

It is your responsibility to determine if our soaps are ultimately suitable for you. No medical claims can be made.  Please note these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  Soaps are slippery when wet. Please check to ensure ingredients do not interfere with drugs you may be taking or any medical conditions you may have. Please ensure you are not sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients included in our productS. If you have nut allergies please consult with a medical professional before using our products as they contain natural oils made from nuts.

Should irritation occur, please discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention. 

Blue Sail Soap, LLC is not liable for reactions to any ingredients included in our products. Batch products are made under stringent soap production guidelines. Special requests cannot be guaranteed but we can try. Thank you and enjoy!

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